2004: The Year I Become Famous for Something, But Not in a Paris Hilton Kind of Way

Wednesday, December 31st, 2003 • 1 Comment on 2004: The Year I Become Famous for Something, But Not in a Paris Hilton Kind of Way

The last hours of 2003 are slipping away and I’m trying to think of something witty and clever to write to end the year on a scintillating note.  Sad to say, but I’m feeling neither witty nor clever.  Forgive me for the lack of scintillation.  Maybe champagne would help, but I have none at hand. 

Ahh… but looking forward, 2004 has promise.  At least according to my various horoscopes. 

Rob Brezney says:
“How have you measured your progress over the years, Taurus? Report cards, diplomas, certificates, and plaques? Pay raises, VIP friends, new titles, and nicer cars? Or have your benchmarks of success been subtler, like rising levels of self-love, a growing capacity for intimacy, more robust health, and friendships with people who bring out the best in you? Whatever signs you have relied on, I ask you to set them aside in 2004. Empty your mind completely so that you will be fully receptive to fresh intuitions about how to evaluate your ongoing evolution. “

Kelli Fox says:
“The future is closer than ever. Cautious individuals are getting cold feet on the threshold of a major change. Step forward with confidence—you’re not going here alone.”

Joyce Jillson says:
“A new year, a new you, and the change is guided by a mentor.”

So, change is in the wind.  If you believe that astrology nonsense, of course.  Which I don’t.  Honest.  But if you’re a Gemini or Aquarius, go away. 

Still, change wouldn’t be such a bad thing, right?  As much as I despise disruptions in my quiet little existence (ha!), I know change can be a good thing.  I’m ready for whatever changes come in 2004, but only if they’re good changes and don’t require me to get up really early in the morning.

Resolutions?  Hmm… every year I make a list, every year I achieve about half my list.  Not so bad, I guess.  Among my goals for 2004: to write more and better; to work on keeping that delicate balance in my life that so often eludes me; to learn something new (this is a staple of my list every year) and to travel a bunch.  The less quantitative goals include a few personal objectives that mean nothing to anyone but myself, like building relationships, breaking down walls, opening myself up.  I sound like a construction project.  Maybe I am—a work in progress.

Happy New Year.  Make it count.

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