A Real Conversation

Monday, January 5th, 2004 • 2 Comments on A Real Conversation

The following is an exact (okay, almost exact) transcript of a conversation I had today with a five year old girl.

Me: (Reading a book, oblivious)

Little Girl: Uh oh, we got Christians.

Me: What did you say?

LG: You know.  Christians.  (Followed by the most adorable nose-wrinkling you’ve ever seen)

Me: I know what Christians are, but what do you mean?

LG: (Gesturing toward the back of the library at three little girls, ranging in age from four to ten) Back there.  Christians.  They don’t want to read about mummies.  They don’t believe in ‘em.

Me: Well, they don’t have to read about mummies if they don’t want to.

LG: (Holding up a stack of nonfiction books about mummies that she somehow managed to find on her own) But they’re real!  They should know about mummies.

Me: Maybe they like reading about other things.

LG:  (Shaking her head and staggering away under the weight of her mummy books) Gotta watch out for those Christians.  They don’t believe in anything.

I couldn’t write something this funny if I tried.

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