Confessions of a Scattered Mind

Monday, January 19th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Confessions of a Scattered Mind

—The application has been e-mailed.  If not for e-mail, I never would have gotten it out on time.  I hope they realize only lazy procrastinators submit applications via e-mail.

—Just what the heck is in Cheez Doodles that leaves your fingertips orange no matter how much you wash your hands?  Ewww…

—Olivia Goldsmith, best known for her wickedly funny debut novel The First Wives Club, has died at age 54 due to complications of plastic surgery.  She was having loose skin removed from her chin.  Talk about ironic.  Are you paying attention, Jae?

The L-Word is hot.  Same sex, different city.  Check it out.  Cute girls all over the place.  I mean… whoa. 

—I do not look good in hats and there is nothing I can do about it except cut my hair.  Which I won’t.


—Valentine’s Day is going to suck like a Hoover, but I had fun buying Valentine cards today.

—My horoscope yesterday:
Don’t go anywhere yet. Fearful people count on your stabilizing influence. As much as you hate to put your plans on hold, it’s the right thing to do. Being needed is far better than having no one that cares. 

I’m not sure if this is referencing the job I probably won’t get or something else.  Not that I believe in these things, of course.

—I’m fine.  Honest.  I have a bruise that looks like some sort of relief map thanks to the size, swelling and vivid coloring, but I’m mobile even if I am sore.  It’s strange to get e-mail from people I don’t know personally inquiring about my health.  Thanks.

—I would kill for a chocolate brownie right now, but I don’t feel like making them.

—Number of saved voice mails on my phone: 17.  Don’t ask me why I always hit “2” (save) instead of “3” (delete), I can’t explain it. 

—I should be writing instead of this.  See comment about lazy procrastinators.

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