Give.  Me.  Coffee.  NOW.

Wednesday, January 7th, 2004 • 3 Comments on Give.  Me.  Coffee.  NOW.

Coffee.  I want coffee.  Why is that all I can think about (well, relatively speaking, of course)?  Why is coffee more addictive than soda, despite the similar (I think) caffeine content?  Why, when I never drank coffee before last year (because I had the best damn coffee in London and I’m still trying to duplicate that amazing experience), do I suddenly have the urge to leave work in search of the nearest coffee house? 

Honestly, I think it’s mostly the ritual.  It’s comforting and exciting all at once.  Going for coffee.  It just has a ring to it.  Not going for a Pepsi.  Or going for tea.  Or even going for a drink (though that has a different ring to it altogether).  Going for coffee can be a solitary experience or a social event.  It can be quick and feverish, like a forbidden affair; it can be leisurely and languid, like lovemaking on a summer afternoon.

Coffee drinking is about cupping the warm, steaming mug in my hands, worrying in back and forth gently as I blow the steam and inhale the aroma.  It’s about the first taste and swallow, the soothing, rich, fulfilling smoothness of it.  If the coffee is the perfect temperature—not so hot it burns my tongue, not so cool that it tastes like paste—all the better.  Coffee with the hint of chocolate or vanilla or hazlenut (but mostly chocolate).  Coffee that is sweet and creamy and swirly on my tongue. 

I want coffee.  I need coffee.  I need comfort.

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