Pass the Kleenex, Please

Monday, February 23rd, 2004 • 1 Comment on Pass the Kleenex, Please

I have a cold.  Nothing life threatening, but it makes me want to set up camp on the couch and be pampered.  Alas, Henry the wonder dog with no knees is extremely bright and well-trained, but he doesn’t understand pampering.  His idea of pampering is to bring me a soggy tennis ball.  It makes him feel better, so it’ll make me feel better too, right?

I have spent most of the day alternately napping and trying to get stuff done.  More of the former, less of the latter.  So far, all I’ve accomplished is to get last night’s taco party dishes washed and put away (except for the stuff in the dishwasher) and edit an essay and send it to the paper.  I’ve also slowly been working on a Top Secret Project, about which I cannot speak.  I’m having fun with it, though.

I can’t call in sick tomorrow, as I have a measly eleven hours of sick leave.  So sad.  Maybe I’ll make pancakes before I go to work to cheer me up.  Or at least fill me up.  I sincerely doubt anything will make me feel like going to work tomorrow.

I hate having a cold.  It makes me boring.  No smart ass comments, please.

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