Move Over, Veruca Salt*

Monday, March 8th, 2004 • 2 Comments on Move Over, Veruca Salt*

I want a new computer.  I am in a house with three computers and none of them are working properly.  The CD-Rom drive on my computer isn’t working at all, without any provocation or reason whatsoever.  Half of the cords on Jay’s computer are unplugged (reason: feline interference) and because he is the king of techie peripherals, I can’t move his desk and the computer to figure out what goes where without risking serious bodily injury.  The old laptop, while functional, is painfully, excruciatingly slow.  Unfortunately, I have a disc I need to look at and computers #1 and #2 aren’t working for that purpose, so the laptop is my friend for now.  I’m getting gray hair as I watch it boot up, but it’s my friend.

I want a new computer.  I want a shiny, new, lightweight, wireless laptop that I can take with me where ever I want to go.  I want a computer that doesn’t give me error messages when I do something I’ve done a thousand times.  I want a computer that doesn’t run at a snail’s pace because it is loaded down with programs and games I don’t use or play.  I want a computer that is mine, all mine.  I want a computer that looks like a sleek racehorse instead of a gigantic Clydesdale. 

I don’t want the world, I just want a new computer.  And I want it



*Obscure movie reference.  First one to guess correctly gets to buy me a shiny new computer.

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