Spontaneous Fun Postponed

Sunday, March 14th, 2004 • No Comments on Spontaneous Fun Postponed

The only thing worse than working on a pretty, sunny Saturday is working on a pretty, sunny Sunday. Sunday should be about sleeping in and having a leisurely brunch.  Instead, I’m sitting under flourescent lights in a building with bad air, surrounded by people who would rather play on computers on a beautiful day than bask in the sunshine.

I was


close to not coming to work today.  I was going to call in sick and go on a little road trip to keep a friend company (the reward being both the company and a side trip to IKEA).  I was all prepared to do it, too.  I even woke up before my alarm went off at 5:30 and started to get dressed.  Alas, I was barely functioning on two hours’ sleep (and imbibed too many Bacardi Razz and 7-UPs last night, though sleep was a bigger factor) and had to wimp out.  As much as I love being spontaneous, I need at least four hours’ sleep or a big pot of coffee (which I had neither the energy to make nor procure at 5:30 this morning).  Sadly, if I’d only had the forethought to ask to be picked up rather than trying to motivate my slug-like body to drive so early in the morning, I probably would have been okay and enjoyed the trip.  After a nap in the car, of course.  So now I’m mourning both being inside on such a gorgeous day and missing out on the bountiful bargains at the home of Swedish housewares. 

Sigh…  Sorry, Shannon.

Of course, I’m off next weekend…

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