Why I Love My Job

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Patron wanders aimlessly around children’s room for twenty minutes, peering at a piece of paper in her hand and then looking at the bookshelves.  She moves from shelf to shelf, randomly looking from the paper to the shelf.  Her brow becomes more and more furrowed.  She approaches beleagured library assistant who has had a long weekend and is ready to go home.

Patron (thrusting list at library assistant):  I can’t find any of the books on my list. 

Library Assistant (looking at list of around twenty juvenile picture books):  Maybe the ones you’re looking for are checked out.  It’s also possible we don’t have a few of the titles at this branch.

P:  But I can’t find


of them!

LA: Okay, let me take a look.  How many of the titles do you need?

P:  All of them, if I can find them.

LA (starts with first book on the list.  Locates book, properly shelved, hands book to patron):  Here’s the first one on your list.

P (aimlessly wandering the aisles, looking at books): Oh!  It must not have been in the right place.

LA: Here are the second and third ones on your list.

P:  Well, I wasn’t looking for them in



LA (resisting the urge to roll eyes):  Here are the next couple on the list.  I think maybe the ones you looked for just weren’t here.  Perhaps you should start where I left off and look for them in order.

P (taking list from LA): Oh, okay.

LA: Is this for a class you’re taking?

P: Yeah, I’m going to be a teacher.  (looks at stack of books LA has found for her)  You know, I think this is enough for one day.  Thanks.

Patron leaves. 

Library assistant bangs head on desk.  It is 5 o’clock.  Another rewarding weekend of work concludes.

End Scene

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