In the Palm of My Hand

Tuesday, April 13th, 2004 • No Comments on In the Palm of My Hand

I mentioned that I got my palm read last weekend when I was in DC, didn’t I?  Interesting experience.  A woman sitting on the sidewalk in front of her apartment building (which was on a street of residential and commerical buildings) in a plastic patio chair, wearing some bright house dress sort of thing with open-toed shoes and a fake fur coat that made her look like she was being attacked by a bear.  A very shiny, synthetic bear, but a bear nonetheless.  Clearly, this woman is a success in her field.  Oh my.

Anyway, for the low, low price of only five bucks, she read my palm.  Granted, Joe paid the five bucks (after getting not only his palm read but also a turn with the tarot cards), but I was skeptical.  Still am.  Not that I don’t believe there are people who can foretell the future… I do believe.  (Hallelujah)  I just have my doubts about women sitting on the sidewalk in bear coats.  Y’know?

So, what does my future hold?  Well… it was a mixed bag.  Here is what she told me:

—I will have a long life.

—I will be the head of a big company.  (This is so far from anything I’d ever want to do, I can’t imagine it.  Once she said this, I pretty much went into skeptical/sarcastic mode.)

—I like to travel.  (Well, duh.  I’m a tourist, I’m in DC, clearly I enjoy leaving home.)

—I have doubts and indecisions about the future.  (Of course!  I’m indecisive about whether to buy my bear coat in black or brown fake fur.)

—I will have one marriage. (I pointed out my wedding ring when she said, “I see one marriage” and said, “Of course you do, here it is.”  That did not win me points.)

—I will have two children.

—I will receive some good news between April 15th and 20th.

—My life is filled with good luck.  (I will not argue with this one.)

—2004 will be a lucky year for me.  (Here’s hoping.)

She said I have too many doubts in my mind, which apparently made it hard for her to read my future.  Joe had a more positive response, but I didn’t get to hear his card reading because she shooed me out of the room.  Guess I was casting too much bad energy on her work space.  Oh well.

Lucky in 2004.  That would be nice.  If I get good news in the next week, I may just have to go back to DC and apologize for being so skeptical.  And ask where she bought her bear coat.

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