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Thursday, April 1st, 2004 • 1 Comment on Shake It Like a Polaroid Picture

The night owl is converting to the ways of the early bird, at least temporarily.  I am required to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the next couple of days.  Or bleary-eyed and bushy-haired, in my case.  Tomorrow is the always thrilling in-service training day for the library system.  This is a glorious experience which involves closing the area libraries for one day each year so all library staff can attend a mandatory event that is promoted as “fun!” and “informative!” but is neither.  Basically, it means I will be slumping in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours listening to guest speakers talk about a myriad of things including health and wellness, library services, budget cuts and the ever popular team spirit, punctuated by two brief breaks (during which I will plot to sneak out, but won’t because I’m chicken) and an uninspired catered lunch from a restaurant that will no doubt include some cold food item which should be served hot and another at room temperature which should be served cold.

After this fun-filled (and also informative, don’t forget) event, there will be Happy Hour.  There is nothing they can do to me in eight hours that a couple of margaritas can’t undo.

After surviving tomorrow, I will go home to pack and sleep so I can be on the road bright and early Saturday morning to make my way to our nation’s capital to party like Clinton is still in office.  Oh Bill, how I miss you.  I will be doing the touristy and educational thing, the shopping thing and the eating, drinking and being merry thing with my old pal Joe.  Here’s hoping we still like each other as much as we used to, otherwise this weekend could make in-service training look fun (and also informative).  Seriously, I’m sure it’ll be a blast and I’ll have stories to tell upon my return Monday night.  Provided I don’t get arrested for protesting stupidity in the White House, of course.  I’d probably be charged with committing a terrorist act, wouldn’t I?

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