Fallen Hero, Clean Dog

Thursday, May 27th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Fallen Hero, Clean Dog


There are three things my dog Henry intensely, passionately dislikes:

-the vacuum cleaner
-taking a bath

I’m guessing (because I do not read doggie minds) that he’s truly afraid of thunderstorms and the vacuum cleaner, but just hates the whole bath experience.  He doesn’t willingly jump in the tub, but he doesn’t quiver and shake and pee on the floor, either—all of which have been known to occur if he is caught off guard by a storm or a renegade vacuum cleaner (oh, the humiliation!  oh, the embarrassment!). 

Since I usually have to drag Henry squirming and growling to the bathtub, I was quite surprised while taking a shower earlier to look down to see him squeezing into the shower stall with me.  I guess getting wet was preferable to being on the other side of the shower curtain from the only person in the house.  Apparently, even naked and wet and with shampoo in my hair, I am somehow able to protect my dog from all dangers great and small.  That’s a pretty big compliment.

Unfortunately, I took advantage of his terror and soaped him up to give him a much needed bath.  Then I dragged out the vacuum cleaner and vacuumed him.  Ha.  Just kidding about the vacuum.  But he is clean now and obviously very disillusioned about my abilities to protect him from evil.  Poor dog.

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