May Day

Sunday, May 2nd, 2004 • No Comments on May Day

I’m not quite sure where April went, but somehow May is here and it seems a good time to pop in and let people know I’m alive.  There were plenty of April showers (of the emotional variety) for me, which is why the long silence.  I am more than ready to face a spring meadow of flowers, if someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

My birthday is Friday.  I have spared everyone who knows me the frequent announcements that I made loudly and often last year at this time.  I am not feeling the happy birthday vibe right now.  It has nothing at all to do with getting older, I just have too many other things on my mind right now.  Life is funny like that sometimes.

And on that note, I leave you with this bit of advice: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.  When life hands you limes, make margaritas. 

Here’s hoping that by the end of the week I’ll be feeling more like the birthday girl I was last year.

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