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Friday, June 25th, 2004 • No Comments on Crunch Time

I need to put some writing time in this weekend to meet two July 1 deadlines.  Neither is expecting (or requesting) my work, so it’s really just a matter of wanting to sell a couple of pieces.  I will admit that I work best under pressure—I don’t know that my writing is any better, but I do get the work done when there is a deadline hanging over my head.  Of course, it’s also nice to open my files and have something already written and near-ready to be submitted, which is the case of two other markets I intend to submit my work to next week.

I have been pondering my novel writing, or lack thereof.  I intend to get back on track soon (“soon” being relative, of course) and use the short fiction and nonfiction to supplement—rather than be the sole focus of—my writing pursuits.  I currently have three directions to go with the novel writing—finish and edit the mystery that has languished on my desk for nearly two years; continue on the work-in-progress (which currently has only one chapter written, but I have at least a third of it drafted); draft the YA idea that’s been in my head for the past week or so and see where that takes me. 

While the mystery has the best short-term prospects, it hasn’t held my interest the last couple of times I’ve sat down with it.  I like the characters and the overall concept, but I have plot holes big enough to drive trucks through that need to be fixed.  Frankly, I despise major editing.  I love first draft writing and I don’t mind clean-up editing, but when the first draft is inherently flawed, I have problems motivating myself to go back and fix it.  I’d simply rather move on.  And yet, I think I’ll be disappointed in myself if I don’t at least attempt to market this book.

Ah, decisions.  I should just stick with short fiction, it’s easier.

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