Saturday, June 5th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Randomness

Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

—What compels a man to wear a T-shirt annoucing he is a redneck?  No, I don’t mean something old and greasy with holes in it, I mean the actual word “redneck” emblazoned upon the shirt.  And, in case there was any doubt and/or his redneck relatives can’t read, he was wearing a hat with a rebel flag motif.  (Yes, that is the exact same hat.)  My eyes!  My eyes!

—Why do Krispy Kreme doughnuts taste so good?  They are neither crispy nor creamy, and yet… heaven exists in every mouthwatering bite.

—What does it mean to “manage your debt the Christian way?”  I have been receiving no fewer than three spam e-mails a week with that subject line.  I don’t bother opening them, I kind of figure God has more important things to do than pay off my Pottery Barn addiction.

—Why is it, when people say to me—“I just read the worst book!  I don’t understand why they won’t buy your books when they’re publishing this crap.”—it does not make me feel better?

—Why do I have good hair days on days when no one but my dog sees me, but bad hair days that make me look like a victim of a trailer park tornado on days when I have to go out in public?

—Summer sandals:  can you ever have too many pairs?

—What are the odds George W. will get re-elected?  I’m guessing it’s something like the odds of achieving peace in the Middle East through the use of strong-arm western politics.

—If you live in the mid-Atlantic states, can you tell me what happened to spring?  I recall having three spring days in a row the first week in May.  Since then, it’s been all summer, all the time. 

—Why do people bitch about the weather year after year, season after season?  I mean, it’s weather.  C’mon.  Crank up the air conditioning (or the heat) and deal with it.  It could always be worse.

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