We Should All Be So Lucky

Friday, June 11th, 2004 • No Comments on We Should All Be So Lucky

I haven’t had much to say about Ronald Reagan’s death because during the time he was in office, I was too young to care about politics.  I wasn’t old enough to vote until ‘85, so I missed out on being one of the few who didn’t vote for him in his landslide victory against Mondale in ‘84.  Now that I am old enough to care about politics, I don’t agree with his.  I also believe Alzheimer’s was beginning to take it’s toll while he was still in office and I wonder if that truth will come out now.  As for Nancy Reagan, I respect her for being so fiercely protective and loyal to Ronnie, but she always creeped me out.  I’ll take Hillary any day, thanks.

Regardless of Reagan’s politics, his health issues and his strange wife, he made his mark in this world and that’s something.  I won’t debate whether it was for better or worse, because I think maybe there’s a little of both mixed in.  Judging by the turnout at his funeral today, he was not just a powerful two-term president with an aircraft carrier and a economics phrase named for him, he was also well-loved.

Anyone remember the Prince song, “Ronnie Talk to Russia?”  Totally inappropriate for a funeral, but I keep hearing it in my head.

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