Writing and Reading, Oh My

Saturday, June 12th, 2004 • No Comments on Writing and Reading, Oh My

After a several-month hiatus, the Highly Selective Book Club With Only Two Members TM is back with a new book.  (You’d better read the book, Jae.  Work and school are no excuse to bail on me.  I’ll kick you out, don’t think I won’t.)  I’m excited.  I have missed the book club.  The Alchemist has been made into a movie, due for release later this year.  I’m looking forward to comparing the two. 

I worked on my “real job” resume a couple nights ago, so today I spent some time putting up a more comprehensive writing resume under My Writing.  I keep all the paperwork on my writing sales, as well as year-to-year logs of submissions, but I never really took the time to compile it all into one document.  It’s still not finished, but it’s a start.

Another one of those insomniac nights.  Joy.

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