Am I the Strange One, Or Are You?

Thursday, July 29th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Am I the Strange One, Or Are You?

I have 45 minutes to go before I can leave work and I’m falling asleep… so that means web surfing time.

As seen on Glimpse of a Grrl, I took this quiz and was simply astonished to find out that my social entity type is:

Category VI – The Strange Attractor

Though you’re not quite sure why, people are drawn to you like moths to a flame.  You really are too cool for words.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
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So, where does the strange part come in?  My strange ability to attract people?  Or my ability to attract strange people?

Hmm.  I won’t think about it too much.

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  • Rose says:


    Category III – The Regular Jo(e)
    You are the quintessential standard conjured by the word ‘Friend’.

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