Boxed In

Sunday, July 11th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Boxed In

The topic of letting go and moving on to new, challenging (and hopefully better) things has been popping up a lot recently.  I’ve had more than one conversation on the subject in relation to everything from school to jobs to writing to relationships. 

In my case, I have always had a hard time accepting change.  I hate disruption to my normal routine, I hate moving, I hate the awkwardness of making new friends, I hate having to start over, I hate being the new girl.  I hate change.  Change is scary.  Change is different.  Change means stepping outside the box and challenging myself.  Sometimes change means failure.  But…

(this is the part where the sun shines and the birds sing and I have an epiphany)

it has been my experience that change is almost always a positive thing.  When I went back to college after being out for six years, I thrived.  Every long distance move I’ve made has resulted in me loving my new home.  I have never regretted leaving a job, though I agonized over every one.  I have made wonderful friends in the most unlikely of places and felt incredible relief in being free of unhealthy relationships.  And every time I have stepped outside my comfort zone in my writing, I have rediscovered my passion for it.

Change is good.  Difficult, terrifying and fraught with potential disaster, but ultimately good.  I need to keep reminding myself of that.

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