Waiting, Not So Patiently

Wednesday, July 7th, 2004 • No Comments on Waiting, Not So Patiently

I may possibly have another story sale to report soon.  This is a submission, that dates back to last year.  At the time, the editor didn’t think my story fit that particular anthology but asked to hold it for an upcoming anthology.  She has been very good about staying in contact and letting me know my story is still under consideration.  Now I’m waiting for the final word. 

I was thinking about this particular story because I had made a note in my submissions file that I should be getting a contract for it this month.  That wasn’t me being optimistic, I was going by what the editor said and her enthusiasm for my writing.  As I haven’t resubmitted the story elsewhere out of consideration for the editor, I’m hoping she still wants it.  There are no guarantees, as I keep reminding myself.

The solution to waiting for editors is, of course, making more submissions.  I’m certainly getting better about that in recent months.  Not as good as I should be or even as good as I was four or five years ago, but better than I have been in recent years.  It’s a comfortable (and


) pattern, the writing-submitting-writing some more, while waiting for responses.  There is always a chance good luck will come in the next e-mail or phone call.  Nice surprises, like my recent multiple sales.

Despite the frustration and self-doubt and anticipation of rejection, making the sale is always, always worth the wait.

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