Weekend, Abbreviated

Sunday, July 25th, 2004 • No Comments on Weekend, Abbreviated

The weekend is slipping away… and I still have much to do!

Yesterday, I made homemade tomato sauce from home grown tomatoes.  There is something infinitely rewarding about planting tomato plants in April, tending to them, caging them, watching them grow and flourish, then plucking ripe tomatoes and turning them into sauce over the course of an afternoon.  It’s a damn good sauce, too.

I haven’t gotten a lot of writing time in this weekend because of other things, but I plan on putting in some hours tonight.  There aren’t any deadlines looming right now, which of course makes me procrastinate.  I still have a book to work on and a couple other things to pursue so editors don’t think I’ve forgotten about them.  (And I haven’t forgotten about you, either, Joanne.)

Sigh… mostly all I want to do is hit the bookstore for coffee and a couple hours of browsing.  It’s one of those dreary summer days that hints at the fall weather to come.  I love autumn, I’m just not quite ready to hibernate.

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