You Scream, I Scream

Thursday, July 8th, 2004 • No Comments on You Scream, I Scream

Have you ever heard a child scream so loud it made your teeth hurt?  I’m being serious.  I suppose it’s all right if it’s your child or you work in a daycare or are taking part in a family reunion or happen to be hanging out at the play area at McDonald’s on a Saturday afternoon, but I work in a library.  A library

.  Children should not be allowed to make that much noise in a library.  And parents should not gently stroke the rigid back of said screaming child (who was neither injured nor ill, but simply in full-on tantrum-throwing mode) and say, “It’s okay, sweetheart.”

I need someone to stroke


back and say, “It’s okay, sweetheart.”  Except that might make me scream.  Or kick something.

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