A Happy Ending

Thursday, August 26th, 2004 • 1 Comment on A Happy Ending

Grace, the scrappy stray cat, has gained two pounds in three weeks.  That’s a pretty hefty increase considering she started out at six and a half pounds. She got a clean bill of health from the vet today and is flea and tick free.  She has also grown enough fur to make her look like a normal cat instead of one of those freaky hairless cats.  She’s going to be okay.
As for me… I wish more people would adopt homeless, unwanted animals.  It’s a good thing—and the right thing—to do, but even more importantly, I’m running out of room at my house.

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  • josh says:

    Well, i’m glad grace is doing well. she’s a cute cat and it’s always nice to see a sick animal better. By the way how’s Will working out for ya?

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