If You Blink, You Might Miss It

Sunday, August 8th, 2004 • No Comments on If You Blink, You Might Miss It

I’ve been having one of those weeks where I can’t remember what I did yesterday, only that I was busy.  It’s been mostly good busy, though. 

Hitting the highlights before I hit the bed:

I’m still learning to use my new Mac and, in the meantime, am still using my battered old PC until I get everything transferred and/or converted.  I think I will learn to love the Mac, but right now it’s an experiment in frustration trying to get used to doing things differently and wondering whether my WordPerfect files will transfer. 

Grace is doing well and will probably weigh twenty pounds by the end of the month.  She’s very sweet and affectionate and will hopefully fit in with the rest of the gang once she’s allowed out of quarantine.  Despite the vet bills and the fact that I wasn’t intending to adopt an adult cat, I know I did the right thing by bringing her home.  I honestly don’t think she would have made it too much longer on her own, judging by the shape she was in.

In related pet news, I found out the dog I rescued last year is doing well.  I have worried so much about her in the past year and wondered whether she was okay.  A pitbull mix with a high maintenance injury like a broken jaw is not an appealing pet to most people, but she was (is) an amazing dog and I would have been heartbroken if she’d been put to sleep because I couldn’t keep her.  It was a relief to hear she is doing okay and even has a doggie companion and kids to play with.  I wish I could have kept her, but she has a good home and will have a good life.  She deserves it.

Work is making me crazy as usual, but there is the possibility that my buddy, my pal, my book club companion, my brother will be returning to the fold.  I can hope, anyway.  It would be nice to have him around again, even if it meant I couldn’t quit for awhile longer. 
I spent a pleasant Friday day tripping in Alexandria.  I hadn’t been there before, so it was nice to do some exploring.  I think there are more road trips in my immediate future.

I’ve had good coffee several times this week, which bears mentioning because it has become such a necessity in my life.  Who would have thought I’d come to love coffee?  Not I.  Of course, I’m wired on some of that good coffee right now, which explains why I’m still up at 3 a.m.

Saw Little Black Book tonight, which—despite the silly premise—was a pleasant surprise.  I’m not a Brittany Murphy fan, but Holly Hunter blows me away.  Watch out for cute coffee guy.  Yum.

We’ve had two beautiful days of fall-like weather.  I know it won’t last, but it’s a nice glimpse of the autumn I’m already longing for.  It’ll be here soon, if I keep having weeks like this.  But I can’t complain—except for a couple minor bumps in the road, it’s been a good week.

Brunch tomorrow.  Must sleep so I can dream of waffles.  Or cute coffee guys.  Or comfortable couches.  Or maybe decaf coffee, which I really need to learn to order.

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