The Untapped Baby Mama Demographic

Monday, August 16th, 2004 • 3 Comments on The Untapped Baby Mama Demographic

I don’t know if Hardee’s commercials are national or regional, but I have to wonder who their ad agency is.  Hardee’s seems very intent on cornering the market of construction workers, cowboys, minorities and baby mamas, at least in Virginia.  I’ve seen the construction worker commercial (with an unidentifiable southern accent that is like nothing I’ve ever heard here), the cowboy commercial (because, you know, we have so many cowboys in Virginia), the minority commercial (young black man takes young boy to Hardee’s—is he the kid’s big brother, as I originally thought, or the kid’s father?) and, most recently, the baby mama commercial.  Um… huh??

The baby mama commercial shows us a very pregnant blonde who looks like she should be sleeping through her senior English class instead of sitting in a doctor’s waiting room.  She wears a white tank top over a black tank top and has a dozen black bracelets up her arm.  She’s shoveling a Hardee’s burger into her mouth like there’s no tomorrow, her big, pregnant belly looking out of place on her cute, young body.  The point of the commercial is that she should enjoy her Hardee’s burger now because soon she’ll be spending all her time in McDonald’s with her kid.  The camera then pans to someone else’s child in foreground, making a lot of noise.

When I see this commercial, I’m not thinking about getting a big juicy moo burger, I’m wondering where this girl’s parents are, if she’s going to finish high school and whether her boyfriend is going to be around to help her raise this child.

I don’t know if Hardee’s has better burgers or not because I don’t eat at Hardee’s (obviously they’re not trying to attract my demographic—whatever my demographic is), but I think I’ll stick with McDonald’s.  The commercials are more cheerful and I don’t have to worry about the characters ending up on welfare.

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