Hair Today, Shorn Tomorrow

Friday, September 17th, 2004 • 3 Comments on Hair Today, Shorn Tomorrow

So, I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow.  You may have gotten the newsletter or seen the billboards.  Barbara Walters is scheduled to interview me before and after the event and I will be a featured segment on her 20/20 farewell show.  I’m sure I’ll cry.  Barbara makes everyone cry.

Sarcasm aside, I really have no idea what the end result will be.  Could be four inches, could be fourteen.  I won’t know until it happens.  Y’all probably should have bet on it, someone could have made some money on this every-three-years event (What


once in three years called?  Triannual?  Or is that three times a year?).  Oh well, it’s only hair and it’ll grow back. You can take bets instead on how long it’ll be before my next hair cut.  Heh.

One thing I can state with complete confidence: Barbara will be the only one with a blonde bob.  Probably.

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