A Hairy Tale

Wednesday, October 13th, 2004 • 1 Comment on A Hairy Tale

I forgot to recount my hair coloring experience.  Oh wait, no I didn’t—because it didn’t happen. 

I went to Michelle the hair stylist on a recommendation from someone who has been going to her for over ten years.  It took me nine months to make the appointment, but I was happy with the outcome (even if it wasn’t as dramatic as I had hoped), so I made an appointment for Michelle to do my color.  A few days before my appointment, and only a couple of weeks after my hair cut, Michelle was gone.  Someone at the salon called to reschedule my hair color appointment with another stylist.  Um… except the only reason I went to that salon in the first place was to see Michelle.  The salon is not in a convenient location, so I have no intention of returning to see a new, unrecommended stylist.

I opted to do my own hair coloring—which I’ve been doing since I was fifteen, so no big deal—but what I want to ask Michelle is this:  Was it something I did?

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