I B Fine.  How R U?

Thursday, October 21st, 2004 • No Comments on I B Fine.  How R U?

I love my friends, truly.  I love that they think about me and wonder what’s going on in my life.  It’s heartwarming to know there are times when someone thinks, “I wonder how Kris is doing?” 

Sometimes these thoughts of me lead them to pick up the phone and actually call me.  Sometimes these thoughts result in a quick e-mail.  Occasionally, such questions about me lead to real, handwritten letters being delivered to my house.  There are probably even times when thinking about me leads to nothing but a (hopefully) warm, fuzzy feeling and good wishes.  All of those, including incommunicado warm thoughts drifting through the ether, are appreciated.

But what, really, compels someone to—not call, not e-mail, not write—to TEXT me the following: 

How r u?  Anything new…?

How do I respond to that?  Anything new since… when?… lunch?  Yesterday?  Last week?  Last time I saw you?  And should I respond via text message or should I make the effort to call?  If I respond via texting, can I use complete words?

Like I said, I love my friends.  Even the communicationally challenged ones.

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