I Need Cheese To Go With My Whine

Friday, October 22nd, 2004 • No Comments on I Need Cheese To Go With My Whine

Have I mentioned how much I hate working on Friday?  It’s not my usual day to work, so when I work a Friday it ends up feeling suspiciously like a Saturday… except I have to work tomorrow, too!  And Sunday.  And Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  My poor biological work clock (there is such a thing, right?) doesn’t know what to make of this.  Terribly confusing.

Don’t feel too sorry for me, I have a long weekend coming next week.

And one of these days, I’m going to quit my job and live the carefree life of a full-time writer/student, studying, writing, spending hours in cafes drinking coffee, having long, long lunches with friends… la-la-la…

Until then, I’m working on a Friday.  TGI-Blah.

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