Kris and Jae’s Fabulous Zoo Adventure

Saturday, October 16th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Kris and Jae’s Fabulous Zoo Adventure

I’ve been lazy about blogging this week, so it’s catch-up time.

Tuesday, Jae and I spent a lovely day outside.  First, we went to the zoo so Jae could do his homework for Biology, then we had lunch and discussed A Girl Becomes a Comma Like That.  We also picked a new book for The Highly Selective Book Club With Only Two Members TM to discuss.  Very exciting!

Here are a few pictures from our day:

Jae at work.jpg
This is Jae, with his Biology homework.  Doesn’t he look studious?

Jae's work.jpg
He really was working, I promise.

I liked the ostrich.  He liked me, too.  He’s smiling.

Prairie Dog.jpg
This is part of the new prairie dog habitat.  Isn’t he cute?  (Of course, if he was living in your yard, you’d call the exterminator.)

Bubble People.jpg
It looks like the zoo has a new habitat for the rarely seen Bubble People.

Two giraffes.jpg
Here is a picture of Jae and me.  I’m the short one.

Kris and Jae shadow.jpg
Okay, this really is a picture of Jae and me.

Kris and Jae.jpg
We had a fun day at the zoo, even if we do look dazed.

Jae and Lisa Glatt.jpg
We didn’t take pictures at lunch because we were busy talking books (and eating, of course).  This is Jae, looking appropriately somber and serious, posing with this month’s book club selection. 

And so, another book club discussion concludes.

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