Pomp & Circumstance & Uniforms… Oh My!

Friday, October 22nd, 2004 • No Comments on Pomp & Circumstance & Uniforms… Oh My!

So, I’m off soon to watch Nick graduate from the police academy.  What a happy moment for us all (as we calculate how much money we’ll save on speeding tickets…).  I hear there are some cute recruits in this class, so there’s a lot to celebrate tonight!  Rawwr.

Ah, but I’m proud of Nick.  He worked hard for this and it’s wonderful to see him achieve his dream (low pay, the daily opportunity to get shot, stabbed or run over, seeing humanity at it’s worst—what’s not to love?) and it makes me feel better to know he’ll be out there, keeping the city safe from the bad guys.  Of course, it’s not the city I live in, so I guess my odds of being murdered in my sleep haven’t exactly decreased, but still.

Congratulations, Nick.  Be careful and smile—you never know when you’ll be on television.

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