Put Me To Sleep

Sunday, October 31st, 2004 • No Comments on Put Me To Sleep

In keeping with this week’s theme, I present you with a word problem:

too little food + too much caffeine = bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy Kris

Silly me, I had coffee with Shannon at 4 p.m., then coffee with Nick at 8 p.m., which is entirely too much coffee for someone who is supposed to be caffeine-free.  I know, I know, I know—decaf!!  Someday I will learn (no I won’t, I’m lying).

Since my brain is zipping around like a cat on speed, all I have for you tonight are random and (somewhat) loosely related thoughts:

—I understand the reason for Daylight Saving’s Time being at 2 a.m.—most people are sleeping and it’s easier than having the work/school day interrupted by an hour time change in the middle of the day.  However, there are those of us who


awake at 2 a.m. and we find it very disconcerting to watch the clocks on the cable box and computer suddenly roll back an hour.  Scary.

—On the plus side, I have an extra hour to burn off the caffeine high.

—On the down side, Jay is asleep and even the crazy cat (that would be Grace) doesn’t want to play with me.  I am extremely tempted to take a long walk.  Or a run.  Or call everyone I know and tell them to vote for Kerry on Tuesday. 

—Woo!  Kerry!

—It’s Halloween weekend and every horror movie ever made is on television.  Alas, I love scary movies, but I can’t watch them by myself.  Eeeee… I’m a scaredy cat.

—I went to a movie tonight, but I didn’t see a scary one (kind of wish I had; I could have made use of all this energy by screaming).  I saw Ray.  I won’t be at all surprised if Jamie Foxx gets an Oscar nomination, but I felt like the movie was missing… something.

—It’s Halloween!! 

Jae starts working at my library Monday.

—Woo!  Jae is back!

NaNoWriMo starts Monday!

—Woo!  Book in a month!  Shoot me now.  Please.

—The Christmas season starts Monday!  Actually, if the soundtrack at Old Navy is any indication, it has already started.  While shopping this afternoon, I heard a hip hop version of “White Christmas.”  I am


ready to think about Christmas.

—If it’s possible to feel both hyper and melancholic at the same time, that would be a good description of me right now.

—Today (meaning October 30th, not Halloween) is my brother Michael’s 35th birthday.  I haven’t seen him in twelve years.  We haven’t had anything close to a good relationship in about twenty-five years.

—It’s almost November and it was 80 degrees today.  That is just wrong.

—I have three pumpkins that need to be carved tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to roasted pumpkin seeds.  Yum.

—I have some mysterious bruises on my legs.  I know I’m a klutz, but I also seem to be a forgetful one, as I don’t know where they came from.

—I hope I get a lot of trick-or-treaters because I have a ton of candy.  Snickers!  M&Ms!  Lots of other candy!  (But it’s not chocolate, so I won’t eat it.) Oh my!

—As much of a night person and insomniac as I am, and as much as I enjoy my creative solitude, sometimes I feel very lonely.  When I’m this awake this late at night, all I want to do is talk, talk, talk until I fall asleep.

—The best part about slumber parties is laying in bed and talking in the dark, voices slurring and fading… until sleep comes.  Of course, I’m always the last to fall asleep.  I miss slumber parties.

—I got several amusing text messages today from my friend Joe today.  I texted him a little bit ago, hoping he might be awake (and available) to talk since he’s on the west coast.  No response.  Oh well, it was worth a try.

—Maybe I should call the people who called me this morning and woke me up, hmm?

—I started this at exactly 2 a.m., then watched the clock go back to 1 a.m. and now it’s exactly 2 a.m. again.  Strange.

—It hasn’t taken me a real hour to write this.  I’ve taken breaks to text Joe, eat a Snickers and watch parts of an episode from one of the more recent seasons of ER (I pretty much gave up on ER when George Clooney left).

—I think I may have run out of thoughts.  Or at least thoughts I feel like sharing here. 

—One more thought: if I ever have coffee with you, please remind me to order decaf.  Thanks.

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