Round 1:  Kerry

Friday, October 1st, 2004 • 2 Comments on Round 1:  Kerry

The polls seem to agree Kerry won the first debate.  I’m glad for the reinforcement of my opinion because, hard as I try, it’s impossible for me to listen to Bush objectively.  Even on those rare

occasions when he’s eloquent (after four years in office, he can occasionally turn a phrase without tripping over his tongue), I find myself thinking moron.

Kerry held his own and came across as sincere (my opinion only, of course).  He even smiled a couple of times, which was good.  It looked like it hurt him to smile, which was bad.  His handlers need to work with him on that.  He has a presidential voice and demeanor, though.  Which is a pleasant change from “Good Ol’ Boy” Bush’s Texas twang.  I loved that he made the point it wasn’t Iraq that attacked us on September 11.  I am so tired of the Saddam Hussein/Al-Queda connection being made despite a wealth of information to the contrary.

Other thoughts on the debate:

Did anyone else think it was vodka Bush was chugging from those glasses behind his podium?

Speaking of podiums, every time they showed a split-screen of Bush and Kerry, they evened them up on the screen according to the tops of their heads, not the tops of their podiums (at least on NBC).  This bugged me.  Bush is 5’11 and Kerry is 6’4.  The Bush campaign wanted the podiums as far apart as possible so Kerry wouldn’t dwarf Bush, but the news cameramen didn’t have to play that game.  If a 5-inch height difference is enough to tank Bush’s campaign, maybe we have the wrong president, hmm?

I liked that Kerry took notes while Bush was speaking.  Every time they showed Bush in split-screen while Kerry was speaking, he looked lost.  Maybe he was wondering when they’d be bringing him more vodka. 

My favorite Kerry phrase, guaranteed to make Bush sweat: “Nuclear proliferation.” 

Count ‘em, boys and girls—that’s a 3-syllable word (that Bush is notorious for mispronouncing) followed by a 5-syllable word. 

My favorite phrase of the night from Bush (describing Al-Queda terrorists): “A group of folks.”

Um, George?  They’re terrorists, not family.  We want to stop them, not have them over for barbecue.

My second favorite phrase of the night from Bush (on his conversation with a widow who had lost her husband in Iraq): It’s hard work to try to love her as best as I can knowing full well that the decision I made caused her loved one to be in harm’s way.”

Uh, George?  Ewwwww…  Save your love for Laura, if she’ll have you.


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  • Jae says:

    Nuclear proliferation. 

    I noticed that too.  Then, Bush started saying it.  I had to wonder if Bush would have known what it was or how to say it if Kerry wouldn’t have said it first.

    It’s hard, hard, work.  It’s hard, hard, work.  Bush hasn’t worked a hard day in his life.

  • josh says:

    Yeah… You don’t say, ” a group of folks” in a debate, i don’t care how country you are. And i don’t even think bush knows what ” Nuclear proliferation” means.

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