Tired of Being Awake

Thursday, October 28th, 2004 • 1 Comment on Tired of Being Awake

Insomnia strikes again.  I’m tired, but my brain won’t quiet down enough to let me sleep.  I wouldn’t mind so much, except this cold has me feeling lousy so all I want to do is rest.  I always resist getting involved in something this late at night (a DVD or book) because I just know

I’ll be asleep before I have time to finish anything.  Wishful thinking.  So I end up watching a lot of bad television (Elimidate, for instance) or reruns of shows I’ve never really watched (Providence, at the moment).  I don’t have enough of an attention span to read when I’m this tired, so it’s JANE or Cosmo instead of a book.  In other words, this kind of insomnia isn’t productive.  Now caffeine-induced insomnia is another subject… I’m rather fond of that kind of wakefulness.

Right now I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep.  Wish me luck.

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