Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004 • 2 Comments on Anticipation

As you can see, there is a reason I was pushing myself so hard to get my word count done for NaNoWriMo.  Sheri isn’t even here yet, but my writing is already slowing down.  Busy days ahead… but I’ll still be writing a little, with much writing to come in December.

Sheri, for those of you who don’t know (and I honestly can’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned it here) is my dearest, oldest, bestest friend.  She is the closest thing I’ve ever had to a sister.  She is family (and I use that word in the you-hurt-her-and-I’ll-kill-you way).  We met over sixteen years ago in Florida when I hired her to work in the photo lab I managed.  She was seventeen, I was twenty-one.  Somehow, despite many differences, we became friends.

Since 1988, Sheri and I have only lived in the same state for a year and a half.  First, she was off to college, then I was married and off to follow my Navy husband.  Over a span of sixteen years and several relocations for both of us (just for fun: Florida (mulitple times), New Jersey, Virginia (twice), New York (three times?), South Carolina, Georgia, Rhode Island, New Mexico and Illinois), we have managed to maintain our friendship.  We’ve done that with many, many long distance phone calls, letters (including pre-email “real” letters), our yearly Thanksgiving get-together and the occasional bonus trip (London, last year!). 

By the time Sheri leaves in a little over a week, it will feel as if she’s been here all along.  Sometimes it surprises me that we don’t live closer, it seems as if we should.  Hopefully, one day we will.  We’re going to be very cool little old ladies together.

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  • Jae says:

    There is one thing the sweet Kris left out about the wonderful Sheri- SHE TOTALLY ROCKS!  I’ve only met her once, last Thanksgiving at Kris’. I loved her.  At first meeting, Sheri is the type of person that becomes a part of you, your makeup, your family, your sole.  There aren’t many folk like that- Sheri and Kris are- which is probably why they’re such good friends.  And this is why they’ll make such cool old ladies, Kris before Sheri, of course.  Sheri rocks and she can play a mean game of darts!  She should have her own URL!

  • Jay says:

    She does have her own URL, she just hasn’t done anything with it!

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