Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004 • No Comments on Disheartening

I want to hang on to my faith that this election will not go the way of the last one.  I want to, but that faith is slipping away.  I honestly don’t know how I will feel if I wake up in the morning to find out we have been shackled to Bush for four more years.  I know I will look at the people around me a little differently, a little more warily.  Who are these people who are voting for things like the Patriot Act, for restrictions on our civil liberties, for destruction of our environment and natural resources, for more war, more violence, more death?  The world is watching this election, the world has a stake, and I feel we are letting not only our own country down, but countries who have no voice, no vote.

I’m sad.  I hope Ohio comes through since my home state of Florida went to Bush.  I hope I wake up to good news.  I hope the country doesn’t have to wait another four years for much needed change.  By then, I fear, it may be too late.

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