Monday, November 29th, 2004 • No Comments on Memories

Thanksgiving week highlights:

—Picking Sheri up at the airport.  Always an exciting event!

—Thanksgiving and more food than we could possibly eat (there are still leftovers).

—Oh, Tyler!

—No Limit Blue State Hold ‘Em

—Sheri, the card shark.  Trust me on this.

—Seven people breaking into spontaneous song at various times on Saturday night.

—Brunch.  Oh, I think I’m still full!

—Richmond shopping.  We always say we’re going back when we have more time, but we never do.

—Getting a chunk of Christmas shopping done.  Happy!

—Wine.  Lots o’ wine.

—And champagne.

—Hair dyeing time.  Sheri’s, not mine.

—Laughing.  So much laughter.

—Journey.  Steve Perry.  Tight jeans.  Oh my.

—Planning a roadtrip to… where was that again?  Ottowa??

—Jay buys a truck.  A boy and his truck—it’s a beautiful thing.

—Nick, the other houseguest.

—Pie.  Piiiiiiieeee.  Use as many syllables as you need.

—Kris the turkey.  Bad Leslee.  Bad.

—Reggie singing “My Way”

—Never enough time with Sheri.

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