Slip-Sliding Away

Monday, November 29th, 2004 • No Comments on Slip-Sliding Away

Thanksgiving weekend has come and gone, and soon Sheri will have come and gone.  Sheri time is unlike real time—it flies by much faster than I would like.  It makes me sad and wistful, wishing she lived closer so it wouldn’t be so long between visits.  Maybe someday.

This week always makes me grateful for the family I’ve made of my friends.  I’ve been in Virginia for four years (this time around) and I’ve made some very good, very wonderful friends.  These friendships make Virginia feel like home, which is a nice, safe feeling.  It also makes me feel better to know that when I’m alone, as I so often am thanks to the Navy, there are still people looking out for me.  We all need that—even me, who is more comfortable looking out for others than being looked out for.

Today we celebrated our annual Thanksgiving week tradition (the list seems to grow every year—soon we’ll need two full weeks of Sheri time to encompass all the traditions) of Sunday brunch at the beautiful Jefferson Hotel in Richmond.  It is one of my favorite experiences, made all the more special because it only happens once a year.  When two elderly women passed by our table and Sheri asked if we’d still be coming to brunch when we were as old as they were, it was easy to say yes.  Somehow, no matter where I go or what friends I make (or lose), I know Sheri will be there.  The longer I live in Virginia, the more I believe there will be other friendships like the one I have with Sheri—friendships that will become so long-lasting and reliable that I can’t imagine them ever ending.

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