The Tortoise Becomes a Hare

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004 • No Comments on The Tortoise Becomes a Hare

I got a dose of coffee this evening (not to worry, it was just one

dose; I’ll be asleep by 3 a.m.) and put in a decent amount of writing.  Hold your applause for now, the first few days are golden, but the blush of infatuation wears off as quickly as the plot runs out.  Still, it’s not a bad start.  Not only that, I have a clean house thanks to my procrastinating.

It’s after midnight, which makes this November 2nd.  Election Day.  I am excited and anxious, even more so than I was four years ago (and what an election day/night/month that was).  Everyone knows what my feelings are about this election, probably even more so if you know me in real life.  I haven’t had too many conversations in the past month that have not involved the topic of politics.  I am fascinated by politics and elections (and everyone knows how much I love debates).  Regardless of my personal political beliefs, I think we would be a better, stronger country if all adults would take their right to vote more seriously.

I will be voting Kerry/Edwards tomorrow (the polls open at 6 a.m. and I was tempted to stay up and be the first one there, but I’m not quite that rabid) and I hope the majority of voters will be voting the same way.  I know a lot of Republicans, I even


a few of them despite their misguided beliefs, but I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone, even a dyed-in-the-wool Republican, would sign up for four more years of what we have now.  I truly believe we will be better off without Bush & Co. and I truly believe Kerry will do whatever he can to protect our way of life and the environment, improve our tattered foreign policies and stop the attempts to erode our Constitution and our rights.  I almost feel sorry for Mr. Kerry because his presidency will be about undoing four years of bad policy.  He will become a scapegoat for not being able to fix the country as quickly as everyone would like.  But he knows what he’s getting himself into and for that I’m extremely grateful—I wouldn’t want the job.

I have a theory that the people who are walking around with their heads in the sand, denying the lousy job Bush has done as president and intent on giving him four more years to make things even worse, are similar to fundamentalist Christians who cling to their beliefs with maniacal fervor.  The fundamentalists will not be engaged in any sort of intelligent theological conversation because it might make them face their deepest fear—that God may not exist.  If God does not exist, there cannot be an afterlife.  With no afterlife, all they have left is the life they have now and what they are doing with it.  This might just be all there is.  It’s a scary thought for many people, and one they’d rather never contemplate.

Likewise, the Bushies who defend the current president with all the viciousness of a mother bear protecting her cub are unwilling to face the very real possibility that our president is not a decent, upstanding guy but an incompetent liar.  If our president is an incompetent liar, then his promises of protecting us and our best interests are worthless.  If his word is worthless, then we are not protected, we are not safe, we are not as great, or as powerful, as we think we are.

I believe Kerry will win tomorrow.  I’m even hopeful he will take Virginia, a historically Republican state.  I think history can be corrected and in this election every vote will count.  Vote, people.  Please. 

(I didn’t think I had that many more words in me tonight, but I can be pretty wordy when I passionate about something.)

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