Turkey Sandwich, Anyone?

Friday, November 26th, 2004 • 3 Comments on Turkey Sandwich, Anyone?

I remember when making Thanksgiving dinner felt like the ultimate domestic challenge.  Small kitchen, no real serving spoons, paper napkins, not enough bowls and dishes for everything—not even enough chairs.  It’s all in the timing when it comes to putting a big meal together, and I can remember stressing out on more than one occasion that everything wouldn’t be ready—and hot—at the same time.

This was my fifteenth Thanksgiving dinner to prepare and the experience has, for the most part, stopped being stressful.  I have enough of everything (and a big kitchen) and I’ve got the timing down.  With the exception of a brief power outage and a stubborn turkey who didn’t want to cook in the allotted time, this year’s Thanksgiving went off without a hitch.  Now it’s all about the leftovers and getting ready for the next big holiday meal.

I am so not ready for Christmas.  Maybe I’ll just make pizza.

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