What I Really, Really Want

Thursday, November 11th, 2004 • 1 Comment on What I Really, Really Want

I want junk mailers to be required to put their offerings in clear envelopes so I don’t get paper cuts opening their trash.

I want George W. Bush to experience a mid-life crisis, resign as president, move to Crawford, TX and go to work as the short order cook at the Roadside Roadkill Roundup.

I want everyone to tell me exactly what they want for Christmas and exactly where I can find it.  There are 44 shopping days until Christmas and I don’t want to be shopping on Christmas eve for that one thing you really, really want that you didn’t mention to me until December 23.

I want Sheri to hurry up and get here.  NOW.

I want people to stop telling me to get a flu shot.  I am not getting a damn flu shot.

I want my neighbors to understand that there is nothing wrong with me wandering around in my backyard at noon in my pajamas.  So stop waving and smirking, already.

I want insensitive doctors to be forced to undergo the same procedures they inflict upon their patients.  And I want those procedures performed by monkeys.

I want to be able to get six and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep


night.  I think it would make me a lot less grumpy, especially toward people who fall asleep easily and sleep through the night every night.

I want today to be a better day than yesterday.  So far, so good.

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  • Sonja says:

    I am writing from Germany and I just wanted to let you know that I sit here everyday and wait for your next post(quite annoying sometimes considering the time difference)‘cause I enjoy your writing so much. Love the style, love the content!

    A German fan

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