If You’re Out There, Santa

Sunday, December 5th, 2004 • No Comments on If You’re Out There, Santa

A few odds and ends I would like, could use or might need:

—Anything from the yummy sweet Tutti Dolce collection at Bath and Body Works, particularly the Angel Food Cake, Creme Brulee and Sugar Wafer scents. 

—Pens.  Pretty ones, colorful ones, fun ones.  I never seem to have enough pens.

—Same thing with socks.  I heart socks.

—A couple shots of Botox.  No, really.

—A plane ticket to Chicago. 

—Ditto London.

—This Chococat bag, or one like it.  Or a Chococat notebook.  Or anything Chococat, really.  I like Hello Kitty, too, but I think Chococat is the evil twin of Hello Kitty.  And since it’s me we’re talking about, might as well stick with being evil, hmm?

—Chocolate.  Godiva, if you think I’m worth it.

—Small, sterling silver hoop earrings.  I’ve been asking for them for years.

—A hat that looks good over long hair.  If there is such a thing.

—Any of the Clinique Happy Heart goodies.  I have the perfume spray but I’m running low, and all the other products are luxuries I won’t buy for myself.

—Time.  Time to write.  Time to play.  Time to read.  Time alone.  Time with friends.  Like pens, I never seem to have enough time for everything I want to do.

—If you have some elves sitting around with nothing to do, my car needs detailing.  Badly.

—Anything from my recently updated, Lush-heavy wish list.

—A new body pillow (and pillowcase).  Mine has suffered from too many nights of me tossing and turning.

—Gift certificates are always nice, because it’s fun to shop after Christmas.  Here, here, here or here

—I don’t know if they offer gift certificates, but I’d love for these girls to redesign my weblog.

P.S.  Santa: I still believe in you.

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