So This Is Christmas

Friday, December 10th, 2004 • 3 Comments on So This Is Christmas

Fifteen days until Christmas.

I do not have a Christmas tree (and I’m debating the wisdom of getting a real tree since we have Grace now—who probably should have been named Tornado). 

The only Christmas cards I have written have been in response to the cards I’ve received (I lack Christmas spirit, not manners). 

The only baking I’ve done has been two double batches of chocolate chip cookies—one during girl-bonding time with Sheri, the other for a Navy party tomorrow. 

My Christmas shopping isn’t finished, but has been fairly stress-free so far.  No searching for rare and unusual (and expensive) gifts or putting together themed, multi-part gifts.  That’s not to say I’ve been shopping at the Dollar Tree; my favorite part of this holiday has always been choosing thoughtful gifts for the people I care about.  It’s just that this year I’m doing it reasonably instead of over-the-top.  Hopefully no one will be disappointed.

I have been married for fourteen years and this is the first year I haven’t felt the urge to do everything—and do it perfectly.  I feel a little… guilty, I guess.  I’m


to do it all and do it perfectly, aren’t I?  I have always thought so.  This year, for whatever reason, I’m rebelling.  I’m not depressed, I’m not melancholy, I’m not feeling Scrooge-like (in fact, I’m feeling surprisingly giving, but in a altruistic, non-materialistic way).  I’m just slowing down and listening to my heart instead of filling this month with excess and insanity and the need to be perfect.

Maybe this is what Christmas is supposed to feel like.

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  • josh says:

    You don’t have to do everything! Just most of it! wink

  • charlie says:

    I’m having a good Christmas so far. Maybe because I can’t really believe it’s coming up so fast. Oh, and the fact that I’m going to L.A. for Christmas with a friend while my entire family will be on the east coast. AHHHH, dysfunctional family holiday will be 3,000 miles away. SUHWEET!

  • Amy says:

    I say good for you for taking it easier this year. There is no doing everything perfectly anyway. You deserve to take some time and enjoy the holiday, just like anyone else. And I haven’t baked any cookies at all yet. And I feel no guilt. I’d rather read or write! But, reading and writing would be nice with cookies…

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