My Brain is Full

Wednesday, January 26th, 2005 • 1 Comment on My Brain is Full

I’m reading Nietzsche this week and finding some interesting comparisons between his philosophy and my own personal belief system.  In class this evening we discussed the similarities between Nietzsche and Buddhist teachings—which actually helped me make some sense of why I’m agreeing with him on many points, especially in terms of there being no one real “truth.”

I am also intrigued by Nietzsche’s concept of a “free spirit”—by his definition: one who refuses to be tied to certainties or truths but instead engages in radical skepticism that causes them to question everything.  I have referred to myself as a free spirit and I suppose this definition isn’t too far off the mark.  I have always questioned everything—even the things that I have previously accepted without question.  Quite exhausting, I must say.

I still have to wrap my mind around all of this and make sense of the concepts, but so far I’m enjoying Nietzsche.  As someone who has always fiercely protected my independence, Nietzsche is a fascinating read on the subjects of individuality, creativity, breaking from the herd and rising above mediocrity.  In many ways, he speaks to me.  Not entirely, but enough to keep me thinking.

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