Saturday, January 8th, 2005 • 1 Comment on Vanquished

Sickness lingers.  The germs have won. 
I will not die, but yet I suffer.
Quietly, my voice nearly gone. 
I am left with tattered remnants of health
Vocal expression muffled. 

I am undone. 
My weapons
(over-the-counter medication
are feeble
in the face of such wretchedness.

Tissues, white flags waving
Damply pressed to this tortured nose
Aches, then chills, fatigue prevails.
No more, I can’t bear it.
I waver helplessly at the abyss. 

Lingering sickness.  Conquering germs.
Damn you, I long to shout
I can only whisper. 
Softly croaking
A frog shrouded in mist, mired in mud
longing to be a princess again.

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