Where Did the Weekend Go?

Monday, January 17th, 2005 • No Comments on Where Did the Weekend Go?

Three of my five days off have slipped by amazingly fast.  I’ve been staying busy, but I’ve done neither the writing nor the reading I intended to do on this break from work and school—which means I have two days to get some work done.  I predict a trip to the B&N cafe in my near future…

Jay and I spent Saturday hanging out in Richmond.  I found a quirky little store called Mongrel where I picked up a few goodies for gifts as well as a much needed messenger bag for school for myself.  Okay, maybe I wanted it more than I needed it.  Believe me, it was much more affordable than the vintage clothing I was fondling in some of the other stores on Cary Street.

On a quest to find the Apple store in Richmond, we also found a fabulous mall.  We didn’t really have time (and I didn’t have the energy) to look around, but I’ll make a point of going back soon to explore.  Richmond has much better shopping than my part of Virginia and I really don’t understand why, but it makes for a good excuse to take a day trip some other weekend.

The weekend is over and I really must spend some time on my writing tomorrow, as well as reading for class.  I’d like to say I’ve been deliberately saving the best for last, but I think it has more to do with procrastination.  Hold habits die hard.

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