Tuesday, February 1st, 2005 • 3 Comments on Torn

Heather Corinna is, among other things, a fantastic writer, a passionate activist and a really cool chick.  She also happens to be an amazing photographer.  (And Heather’s photography contains nudity, so be forewarned before you peruse her portfolio.)

I am enthralled by a photo Heather recently added to her collection.  I have looked at it so many times that I finally made it the wallpaper on my laptop.  It is… in a word… visceral.  She’s beautiful, yes, but there is something very powerful, very personal, very raw, in this image.  It shakes me, maybe because I identify with it—and the emotions it invokes—all too well.

Each time I look at this picture, I wonder: is she tearing herself apart, or is she trying to hold herself together?

As for me, sometimes I just don’t know.

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