Dear Writer: Thanks, But No Thanks

Sunday, March 6th, 2005 • 2 Comments on Dear Writer: Thanks, But No Thanks

There was rejection letter from one of my favorite editors in the mailbox today.  Rejection stings, especially when it’s delivered in a self-addressed envelope—it’s kind of like being the bearer of my own misery.  Whomever came up with that widely accepted policy had a sadistic little mind.

Over the years, e-mail has made the process of going to the mailbox a lot less painful.  Many editors (and agents) are opting for e-mail responses rather than the old-fashioned kind.  I suppose that’s a good thing—it’s quicker, cheaper and more eco-friendly.  Of course when I get an e-mail that has “Your submission” in the subject line, I can’t tell if I’m going to be happy or sad until I read it.  At least with regular mail, there’s the rule of thumb that the thinner the envelope, the more likely it’s a rejection.  Unless, of course, you’re requesting your manuscript be returned (which is silly


expensive), then a package is a sure sign of rejection.  Sadly, today’s envelope was very thin.

Despite the masochistic nature of snail mail rejections, I have to say I prefer them to e-mail.  For one, there is a certain pride in having accumulated a stack of rejections over the years—I may suck as a writer, but at least I’m persistent!  Plus, it makes great wall paper (not to mention proof for the IRS that I am, indeed, serious about this crazy little thing called


writing).  Also, I’m tired of being afraid of my e-mail.

Rejection sucks.

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