Grande, Please

Thursday, March 31st, 2005 • 3 Comments on Grande, Please

Tuesday night’s caffeine-induced productivity will hopefully be repeated tonight.  I’m off to get coffee with Jae shortly and I imagine I’ll be up quite late as a result.  I don’t mind at all because I have a birthday cake to bake and writing to do.

Ahh… I’ve missed my coffee.  Coffee is to an insomniac what sugar is to a hyperactive child.  Necessary?  Hardly.  But it does seem to enhance the experience.  Or maybe I simply embrace the wakefulness and become more productive because it’s self-inflicted insomnia.  Who knows?  I just know I’m craving a cup o’ joe.

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  • Anonymous says:

    I thought it was much better without the corrections.  I was about to google “who beans.”  I thought it was a new snazzy type of bean.

  • Helen says:

    Been trying to cut down on the Joe because I know it is contributing to my insomnia.  I am a coffe brat and grind my own bean with each cup!  Just got some who bean that is 50% reduced caffeine.  We’ll see……..

  • Helen says:

    PS – that would be grind own “BEANS” with each…
    and just got some “WHOLE” beans.  You see what it does?  My fingers can’t even keep up with my thoughts!!!!!!!

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