Hello Coffee, My Old Friend

Monday, March 28th, 2005 • 2 Comments on Hello Coffee, My Old Friend

Lent has passed, I can drink coffee again.  I’ve had cravings for the stuff in the past few weeks—and days when I really didn’t think I’d honor my sacrifice.  Being denied coffee—even if it was self-imposed denial—made me want it all the more.  And yet, I didn’t have coffee today.  Knowing I can have it whenever I want has quieted the yearning.  For now.

Two things are for certain: I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee this week


I won’t be making any more lenten sacrifices.  It’s not in my nature to deny myself something I want and going against my hedonistic tendencies just makes me cranky.

I predict some productive, late night writing sesssions ahead.

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