Thoughts For a Rainy Day

Thursday, March 17th, 2005 • No Comments on Thoughts For a Rainy Day

My thoughts are scattered, much like my hair.  Or is that tousled?  I blame it on lack of coffee.  Ten more days to go…

—I feel as if I have been neglecting my little blog and judging by the few and far between entries so far in March, I have.  My apologies to those of you who stop by regularly looking for something entertaining to read and find nothing but a moldy old post from four days ago. 

—I think I might need a new look around here.  Nothing like shiny new colors to motivate me to write.  (I’m a crow: pretty!  shiny!  mine!)  It might be time to start working on something new.  Something spring.  I’m so ready for spring.

—I managed to swing an A on my midterm for my Humanities class.  I was honestly expecting a B and as this was my very first grade after being out of school for seven years, I’m really quite pleased.  I don’t stress too much over grades, but I like getting an A, even if I think I deserved a B. 

—Does everyone like pain, or is it just me?  I don’t mean bad pain; there is a very big difference between bad pain and good pain.  Bad pain = broken arm, broken heart, paper cut, kidney pain, poke in the eye.  Good pain = exercise pain, sex pain and maybe labor pain, at least to the degree that the end result is a baby and not a kidney stone.  I love the feeling of sore muscles that have been pushed to the limit.  It makes me smile when I feel that deep, dull ache that reminds me I’ve been working my body hard.  Nice feeling, that.

—What does one drink on St. Patrick’s Day when one doesn’t drink beer, much less green beer?  I will let you know…

Jae has returned from Mexico, which is a very good thing.  I spent far too much time last week daydreaming about leaving the library.  I think I may have another six months in me… though I’ve been saying that every six months for the past four years.

—If not for the specter of having the biggest ass in Virginia, I think I would be quite content to spend my days in bed with my laptop, having my cats and dog visit me while I write, write, write.  Sadly, I must venture beyond my bed and go to work today.  Of course, my big ass fears could be alleviated by rigorous bouts of exercise and/or sex…  Maybe I won’t last six more months at the library, after all.

—I can’t stop thinking about coffee and how good it would taste right now.  I need a diversion.  Chocolate, maybe?  I don’t think it will satisfy me.  Ahhh… this sacrifice for Lent is difficult.

—My birthday is in 50 days.  I know that it’s still quite a long way off, but I’m sick of winter and longing for spring, so I’m starting to contemplate how I will celebrate my thirty-eighth year.  Suggestions welcome and you’re all invited to attend the festivities.

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